Lewis Smith and Son (LS&S), Aberdeen

Lewis Smith, wholesale booksellers, stationers and printers, was established in Broad St Aberdeen by 1824 and in 1879 the firm became Lewis Smith and Son.  Queen Victoria granted them a royal warrant during her reign, and the firm, having moved to premises in McCombie’s Court and in the Netherkirkgate, continued to sell books and stationery, expanding to also sell fancy goods, until its eventual closure in 1970.

During the 19th Century, the celebrated photographer George Washington Wilson (1823-1893) had built up a very successful business in Aberdeen. On his death in 1893, his two sons took over and began to publish postcards in 1902. However the firm did not survive against the competition from Valentine & Sons and others and it folded in 1908.

Lewis Smith and Son also joined the rush to cash in on the growing postcard mania and sold cards from at least as early as 1904 until about 1910. George Washington Wilson probably used LS&S as one of their outlets, and gave them permission to use some of their photographs, although some cards probably used non-GWW views. This would account for the similarity in appearance between the two companies’ cards, which were printed in Germany by Roeder of Leipzig.

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Lewis Smith & Son's Postcards

	West United Free Church, Aberchirder  LS_S_01b
West United Free Church, Aberchirder (back)      LS_S_02
Aberchirder [Main St West]  LS_S_02b
Aberchirder [Main St West] (back)      LS_S_03
Public School, Aberchirder  LS_S_03b
	Public School, Aberchirder (back)

	Fountain and Square, Aberchirder  LS_S_04b
Fountain and Square, Aberchirder (back)      LS_S_05
Square, North Side, Aberchirder  LS_S_05b
Square, North Side, Aberchirder (back)      LS_S_06
Mill of Auchintoul  LS_S_06b
Mill of Auchintoul (back)


G Geddes, Aberchirder

Aberchirder’s first Post Office was located at what is now 24 South Street , which was convenient for the mail coaches which ran between Banff and Huntly. However George Geddes set up a new Post Office in a shop at 55 Main Street and was Postmaster there until his death aged 44 in 1890. Thereafter the Post Office was run by his widow Barbara and by George’s third son Charles Smith Geddes (b.1878), a chemist, who in 1915 became owner of the property.

Postcards with the publisher shown as George Geddes are known with postmarks as early as July 1905, suggesting the business had kept the George Geddes name.

Most cards produced before World War One certainly used photographs by Gammie and on some cards this was acknowledged.

As for printers, the earliest George Geddes cards were printed by JRG in Berlin, the earliest postmark seen being July 1905. It is likely that all these cards were produced in both monochrome and tinted versions. An interesting feature in several of the views is the inclusion of the same cloth-capped gentleman – possibly an assistant, added to give some ‘animation’ to the scene? – who does not however appear on any of Gammie’s own cards or those of other publishers using his photographs.

Later George Geddes cards (and ones showing only Geddes) appear to have been printed in Britain but printers are unknown.

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G Geddes Postcards

Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder  GGED_01b
Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_02
New Marnoch Church and Manse, Aberchirder GGED_02b
New Marnoch Church and Manse, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_03
Mill of Auchintoul, Aberchirder  GGED_03b
Mill of Auchintoul, Aberchirder (back)

Public School, Aberchirder  GGED_04b
Public School, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_05
Marnoch Parish Church, Aberchirder  GGED_05b
Marnoch Parish Church, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_06
The Square, Aberchirder  GGED_06b
The Square, Aberchirder (back)

The Square, Aberchirder  GGED_07b
The Square, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_08
Public School, Aberchirder  GGED_08b
Public School, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_09
New Marnoch Church and Manse, Aberchirder  GGED_09b
New Marnoch Church and Manse, Aberchirder (back)

Marnoch Parish Church, Aberchirder  GGED_10b
Marnoch Parish Church, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_11
Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder  GGED_11b
Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_12
Mill of Auchintoul, Aberchirder  GGED_12b
Mill of Auchintoul, Aberchirder (back)

Aberchirder From The South
Aberchirder From The South (back)      GGED_14
Main Street East, Aberchirder  GGED_14b
Main Street East, Aberchirder (east)      GGED_15
Auchintoul House, Aberchirder  GGED_15b
Auchintoul House, Aberchirder (back)

Deveron, from Bridge of Marnoch  GGED_16b
Deveron, from Bridge of Marnoch (back)      GGED_17
Aberchirder [from Causewayend]  GGED_17b
Aberchirder [from Causewayend] (back)      GGED_18
Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder  GGED_18b
Bridge of Marnoch, Aberchirder (back)

Kinnairdy Castle, Aberchirder  GGED_19b
Kinnairdy Castle, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_20
Multiview (12)  GGED_20b
Multiview (12) (back)      GGED_21
Main Street, (West) Aberchirder  GGED_21b
Main Street, (West) Aberchirder (back)

Main Street, (West) Aberchirder  GGED_22b
Main Street, (West) Aberchirder (back)      GGED_23
Aberchirder, South  GGED_23b
Aberchirder, South (back)      GGED_24
Bowling Green, Aberchirder  GGED_24b
Bowling Green, Aberchirder (back)

Aberchirder from the East  GGED_25b
Aberchirder from the East (back)      GGED_26
U.F. Church, Aberchirder  GGED_26b
U.F. Church, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_27
North Lodge, Auchintoul, Aberchirder  GGED_27b
North Lodge, Auchintoul, Aberchirder (back)

Aberchirder From The South  GGED_28b
Aberchirder From The South (back)      GGED_29
Kinnairdy Castle, Aberchirder  GGED_29b
Kinnairdy Castle, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_30
North Lodge, Auchintoul, Aberchirder  GGED_30b
North Lodge, Auchintoul, Aberchirder (back)

St Marnans Church, Aberchirder  GGED_31b
St Marnans Church, Aberchirder (back)            GGED_32
Causewayend Quarry, Aberchirder (front only)

Bridge of Auchintoul, Aberchirder  GGED_33b
Bridge of Auchintoul, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_34
Rose-Innes Hospital, Aberchirder  GGED_34a
Rose-Innes Hospital, Aberchirder (back)      GGED_35
Aberchirder From The South  GGED_35b
Aberchirder From The South (back)


James Mackenzie, Huntly

James Mackenzie, a bookseller, had a shop at 36 Duke Street, Huntly, from 1898 until 1913. Mackenzie’s postcard views were presumably obtained from a local photographer, possibly George Penny who had a studio at 42 Duke Street (where he was succeeded in 1906 by W Clark & Sons) or James Auld, who had a studio at 57 Bogie Street.

The collection has two cards, with earliest postmark 1907. Both appear to have been printed by Valentine’s.

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Mackenzie Postcards

	Bridge of Marnoch  MACK_01b
Bridge of Marnoch (back)      MACK_02
Marnoch Lodge, Bridge of Marnoch  MACK_02b
Marnoch Lodge, Bridge of Marnoch (back)


Alex Gardiner, Aberchirder

On the west side of the Aberchirder Square, at 12-14, is the Temperance Hotel which was converted to a private house only in 1965. A small shop was built into the property, on the corner of Main Street, and over the years was used as such from time to time.

Alex Gardiner, a printer, was Treasurer of the United Presbyterian Church in Cornhill Road. Until it merged with New Marnoch Church in 1907, its minister was Rev John McRaith, who also owned the Temperance Hotel.

Gardiner was the tenant of the Temperance Hotel, where his wife’s catering was much admired. He was also tenant of the shop. In addition, he owned two houses and a shop at 60, 62 and 62½ Main Street which were rebuilt in the early 1900s. From 1905, No.60 was the home of George Bremner, photographer, who owned the nearby photographic studio. See Aberchirder Photographers

Gardiner was Burgh Treasurer from 1893 until he resigned in 1909, when, three years after the death of his wife, he retired as a hotelier. The Town Council minutes note that it was agreed “to wish him every success in his new sphere of life”, but although he left the district, no record has been found of where he went.

The Temperance shop was taken over by Peter Grieve, printer, until he moved to the house and shop at 50/52 Main Street.

Only one postcard with Alex Gardiner’s name has been seen, postmarked 1907. It shows the Temperance Hotel and his shop and could perhaps have been used as a form of advertising his business. The picture could well have been taken by George Bremner.

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Gardiner Postcards

	Main St, from the Square Aberchirder  GARD_01b
Main St, from the Square Aberchirder (back)


S M Gibson, Gateshead

Stephen Maddison Gibson, photographer, is listed in the 1906 Directory at 2 Hedley Street, Gateshead. From 1910 he built up a photographic empire with branches as widespread as Dublin, Liverpool and Bristol. Although registered as S M Gibson & Co, Post Card Publishers, it was always a one-man business. At one stage he had about 90 cameras dispersed throughout Britain for photographic work and he himself toured seaside resorts recording

At the start of World War One, all the cameras were called in for security reasons and this, together with declining health meant the end of his business. He died in 1915.

The Gibson cards in this collection appear to have been printed by Lilywhite or, possibly, Valentine.

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Gibson Postcards

	The Smithy, Aberchirder  GIBS_01b
The Smithy, Aberchirder (back)      GIBS_02
The Smithy, Aberchirder  GIBS_02b
The Smithy, Aberchirder (back)      GIBS_03
Auchintoul House, Aberchirder  GIBS_03b
Auchintoul House, Aberchirder (back)

Cakes & Tea Bread...  GIBS_04b
Cakes & Tea Bread... (back)      GIBS_05
Main Street, Aberchirder  GIBS_05b
Main Street, Aberchirder (back)


George Milne, Turriff

George Milne had a chemist and newsagent’s shop at 45 High Street, Turriff. In 1898 he opened a photographic studio behind his house at No.47.  He published many of his photographs as postcards.

In 1910 William Gammie bought over the photography part of the business from Milne, who died in 1916.

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Milne Postcards

	Netherdale House, Turriff  MILN_01b
Netherdale House, Turriff (back)  


Fewtrell Series

The Fewtrell Series was probably published for a North-east retailer by W S Ritchie & Sons of Edinburgh. William Ritchie ran a bookseller and wholesale stationer’s business there and after his death in 1900, it was taken over by his two sons who began to issue postcards as early as 1903. The company, best known for its Reliable Series, produced a vast number of cards in the years before World War One.

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Fewtrell Postcards

	Netherdale House, Turriff  FEWT_01b
Netherdale House, Turriff (back)


McIntosh's Emporium

McIntosh’s Emporium was a general store with petrol pump at Forgue, first on the left after the bridge going south. In the years before 1914 it published picture postcards including the Forgue Series which reached at least No.24. Later McIntosh issued photo cards advertising his pony farm (he was a well-known attendee at Marnan Fair).

For list of McIntosh's Emporium postcards, click here.

McIntosh’s Emporium Postcards

	Netherdale House, Turriff  mcin_01b
Netherdale House, Turriff (back)


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