By Simon Brown

Robbie Shepherd MBE - A well known Scottish broadcaster, compere, writer and commentator at Highland Games.  Also a good friend to Auld Broon.


I hid trevelled far ower hill and glen,
There's very few folk I dinna ken,
But I'll tell this tae ane an' a',
Robbie Shepherd has mair gab than them a'.



Now that bairns they a' get in high tension,
Jist waiting for Robbie, their name tae mention,
An' a efterneen they're in their glory,
Efter they've heard a Robbie's story.

2. Fae John O' Groats right till Land's End,
Their requests tae Robbie they div send,
An' fae a' the country roon' an' roon',
An' A'm sure fae every north east toon.


9. Now if ye want tae hear the bagpipes skirl,
Robbie Shepherd 'ill mak yer wireless dirl,
Wi Strathspeys and Reels or a Pibroch braw,
Fur Robbie Shepherd kens them a'.
3. Now if it should be your birthday,
Yer request tae Robbie you will send,
There could be hundreds like ye,
But tae you he will attend.


10. Now Robbie he's got character an' personality as well,
Fur opening shows an' functions, he sure can cast a spell,
He'll open the haw fur the Hielan' Games and he even comes tae Foggie,
Fur their Show wid be a failure, if it hidna been for Robbie.


4. It could be your auntie or yer granny,
Or an anniversary,
Now Robbie he'll dae he's utmost,
Yer favourite tune ti play.


11. Noo Robbie goes to the Hielin' Games, ti pick some news up there,
Then ye'll see him at the great Keith Show, then he's up to Lourin Fair,
It's there he meets the mannies, 'it lived in the days a' aul lang syne,
An' they'll tell 'im a their stories, as far back as they can myn'


5. The wifies fae the corner shop they scatter,
Rinnin hame tae hear a' Robbie's clatter,
Next day ye'll hear that wifies say,
Robbie Shepherd fairly made their day.


12. Noo there's folk in this world that are feelin' sad,
There's ithers unwell an' feelin' bad,
Bit jist tell Robbie an' some tune he'll play,
An' it may help yi on yer way.
6. Now that wives tune in their wireless set,
Fur Robbie's requests they've got tae get,
An' fur eence they're silent a' sittin' doon,
Jist waitin' ti hear their favouirite tune.


13. Now he's been Robbie Shepherd fur mony a day,
An' jist let's hope 'at it keeps that way,
An' if ye'll a jyne me an' drink fae yer gless,
Wi'll wish Robbie good health an' happiness.


7. There's a peer attendance at the skweel,
That bairns they canna be a' nae weel?
Fan the teacher she get up to say,
She forgot it was Robbie Shepherd's day.

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Copyright Mrs E Henderson 2004
No part of this poem may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the copyright holder or Simon Brown's  family.

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