By Simon Brown

Auld Broon's house was situated directly across the street from his favourite hostelry, 'The New Inn'.


Across the road to the New Hotel,
Jist tae hae a pint of the mannie's ale,
It's there that I see a' the Foggie faces,
An' man but they can teem their glesses.



There's folk sittin' at tables in a' their glory,
Seein' fa can tell the funniest story,
But it's entirely a' their ain blame,
Fan they dinna ken fitwye they'll get hame.

2. They come tae there fae far an' wide,
Fae Brodiesord tae Deveronside,
The men their wives an' quines an' loons,
A' roon aboot fae neighberin' toons.


9. There's twa men comes in fae Foggie toon,
Een's MacPherson, the other's Broon,
Steve says he's fairly safe tae claim,
They're oftener there than they are at hame.
3. Noo Steve he's there he runs the place,
A richt fine smile upon he's face,
He spiks tae een an' a' the same,
An' fairly maks ye a' at hame.


10. Noo the fermers they come to the New Hotel,
To discuss their problems ower a pint a 'ale,
Bit the mair they drink, the less they think,
Fur a'm sure their problems soon get extinct.
4. Then Irene's there, she his some sense,
She taks yer poon's an' ye get back pence,
An' ye see that grin spread ower her face,
Fan ever she sees an empty gless.


11. There's bearded men they come fae far,
An' a Leslie's men, they're at the bar,
Drinkin' like fowk that's half demented,
An' blaa'n aboot fit they hiv' cemented.
5. Now Easten and Aitken they will come in,
An' Lord but they like their nip o' gin,
They say ti' the mannie, Lord that's richt stuff,
But they dinna aye ken when they've had enough.


12. Joe Clark 'ees there, an' Tait an' a',
Glowerin at the bottles on the wa',
You'd easy ken fit they were thinking,
Would there be enough tae keep 'em drinking?
6. It's beer and whisky that Hector dis drink,
Until he can nae langer think,
Fan baith his een begins to close,
An' he hings ower that coonter in sweet repose.


13. They drink their drink an' roar fur mair,
They're drinking like folk 'it's in great despair,
But they go creepin' oot at the back o' ten,
Vowin' that they'll never drink again.
7. Noo Alan Peerie he'll be there,
Him an' Davie Trotter, they're a pair,
Although they drink a' day on Sunday,
Ye'll see them back again on Monday.
14. An' fin I go hame across that road,
The street looks langer, an' twice as broad,
Ma gate's nae far it wis afore,
Ar I get hame tae ma lockit door.

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Copyright Mrs E Henderson 2004
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