Aul' Broon
1908 - 1993

(Affectionately and Better Known as Auld Broon)

His poems are transcribed from the written and the spoken word.

By Simon Brown

Auld Broon's poem about Aberchirder's Annual Horticultural Show and Sports.

By clicking on the speaker below, you can hear Auld Broon reciting verse No.1 of this ode. An MP3 player is required.  This recording is reproduced with kind permission of Gibson Ross of Ross Records, Turriff.



There's a floo'er show held in Foggieloan,
That aye gets better as the years roll on,
It may poor an' rain or yet be fair,
But the Foggie folk ye'll no deter.



There's heavy men that come frae far,
Ti hae a go at the tug-o-war,
An' wi their tackety beets, their heels dig in,
An' every team thinks they should win.

2. Now MacRobert wis a Foggie man,
He bocht tae them that bit o' lan',
Though MacRobert's deid an' lang since gone,
He's name lives on in Foggieloan.


16. Ye'll hear the commentator cry,
It's the auld wife's race, come have a try,
An' if you sa' that wifies rin,
The Olympic Games has no look in.
3. Noo the folk get intae sic a steer,
Yi'll hear 'em whisperin' Robbie Shepherd's here,
Now that folk they cheer and gaup and gape,
Ar Robbie opens up that gate.


17. An' there's men there trying tae see foo far,
They can pitch a big sheaf ower a bar,
An' ye'll see them throw the wellie boot,
An' wi' guns clay pigeons they div shoot.
4. Noo if you should go t' the Foggie Show,
To see the sichts an' the folk you know,
Or if you should go intil that tent,
You'll see you're money's been well spent.


18. Then the showmen they come fae far an' near,
Wi' a' their stalls an' glitterin' gear,
An' you can hear their music blare,
It's fur a' the earth like Aikey Fair.
5. For there's flooers in vaises, there's flooers in pots,
Fae geran'ums til forget-me-nots,
An' there's plenty mair kinds that I couldna mention,
Well worthy o' the folks attention.


19. Fer there's bingo stalls an' coconut shies,
A' roarin' come an' win a prize,
An' a gipsy wi' a crystal ba',
Fur fifty pence she'll tell ye a'.
6. There's tatties lang an' there's tatties roon',
There's hens eggs white an' there's hens eggs broon,
There's jars a' jam an' there's pots o' honey,
There's stuff there ya could'na buy fur money.


20. But that showmen they're a wylie lot,
Fur they just stan' there an' plan an' plot,
An' its til their stalls the folk they lure,
An' you'll loose yer money there fur sure.
7. There's neeps in 'ere as big's yer heid,
Jist growen fae a tiny seed,
An' there's leeks A'm sure as thick's yer leg,
An' berries as big's ony turkey's egg.


21. Now the efterneen draws til a close,
Ye'll hear the folks say I suppose,
Wi'll wend wir way roon' til The Square,
An' wi'll watch the gran' parade fae there.
8. Noo the wifies they come fae far an' wide,
Fae Inverness tae the Deveronside,
An' the bakin' 'it yi'll see, A'm safe t' say,
The likes never been seen fur mony a day.


22. Then the floo'er show Queen comes up the street,
Wi' her shelt an' gig, her freen's tae meet,
An' upon her heid they pit a croon,
An' she's the floo'er show Queen a' Foggie toon.
9. Now there's shewin and there's wiven there,
An' there's 'laith that's been made wi' great care,
There's hazel sticks wi' rams horn heids,
A' carved oot like thistle heids.


23. Then up the street the larries comes,
Jist followin' up the pipes an' drums,
A' decorated up sae bra',
Noo they're good fun tae een an' a'.
10. Now there's nineteen or twenty men at least,
Wi' great big badges oan their breest,
An' if there's ony thing that ye wint'ae ken,
Jist you go and ask that men.


24. Then the bairns they a' git in top gear,
For the floo'er show comes but eence a year,
Wi' bikes an' prams o' every size,
Noo they're a' oot tae win a prize.
11. Noo Hector Hosie he'll be there,
He's been a member fer sixty years an' mair,
An' fer organisin' things A'll bet,
A better man ye winna get.


25. Then at nicht they haud a marquee dance,
Jist for fowk that's lookin' for romance,
There's plenty sober, though some get foo,
But they will dance the nicht richt through.
12. Fer Hector's siccar an' he's steady,
Fer emergencies he's always ready,
An' it's roon' that show he walks aboot,
An a big haimer frae his pootch sticks oot,


26. Noo we must gie Mrs Peterson a cheer,
Fer gatherin' a' this folk in here,
Fer A'm sure that there is little doot,
She's the een tae sort things oot.
13. Noo if you should go roon til that ring,
You'll see them dance the hielan' fling,
Wi' a piper doon fae Inverness,
An' they're a' dressed up in hielan' dress.


27. Noo inither year has passed and gone,
An' that's the floo'er show O' Foggieloan,
But we'll a' pairt wi' richt guid cheer,
An' hope we'll meet anither year.


14. There's knockoots an' there's pilla fechts,
An' there's great big men there throwin' wechts,
An' that's the day that will decide,
Fa will win the five-a-side.

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