By Simon Brown
This is a Cornkister
These are said to be songs sung while sitting on the corn kist or chest, often written to amuse.


Auld Broon worked at Skeibhill Farm close to Aberchirder.

By clicking on the speaker below, you can hear Auld Broon singing verse No.1 of this cornkister. An MP3 player is required.  This recording is reproduced with kind permission of Gibson Ross of Ross Records, Turriff.


Noo A fee'd tae a mannie 'twas near Foggieloan,
His name was John Gregor an a ferm he did own,
He kept pigs an' cattle an' ee'd some sheep as well,
An' twis on that fine ferm that I wis tae dwell.



Now he sowed he's neeps wi' a ramrod machine,
It planted them thin and it keepit them clean,
Far ye used to hyow an acre, you noo can hyow twa,
An some folk they dinna even hyow them at a'.

2. Noo the first thing I did fin I gaed tae yon toon,
Wis tae lay by my bike an tae hae a look roon,
Then tae the bothy ti tak aff ma bra' claes,
Afore A started workin' on Skeibies fine braes.


9. Then he cutted his crap wi a thing like a mull,
It wis nane like the binder that the horse eest tae pul,
There was no stookin', there wis only lowse stray,
I'd never seen the like o't fur mony a day.
3. Now he'd a braw wife, she wis tidy an' clean,
Now that woman's work, oh it niver wis deen,
She milk'it the coos or the pigs she could feed,
She wis jist like a wife ony fermer would need.


10. Now if it leukit stormy an' the caul' winds did blaw,
Skeibie says yoke yer cairts fur there's neeps here tae ca',
He'd a contraption o' a thing an' it ran upon wheels,
An' it pood an' ful'd the neeps as it gaed up the dreels.


4. Now they hid two sons, to the school they did go,
Fur they hid to learn an' get levels ca'd 'O',
Fur ye dinna work noo, oh it's learnin' ye need,
An' they'll be great men fan aul' Skeibies is deid.


11. But things could go wrang up at Skeibies ferm toon,
If the tractors nae burst, the haimer mulls broken doon,
Now the pump in the howe oh she comes till a halt,
Skeibie grabs up some net keys tae find oot the fault.


5. Now A rose in the mornin' aroon' aboot six,
An' I went ti the fermhouse ma oatmeal tae mix,
Then tae the byre, the barra tae start,
An' get some stirks ready tae go tae the mart.


12. Then the pigs a' start skirlin' fur they've got no feed,
Fur the pipeline's gone dotty, some attention 'till need,
An' the storm it comes on, fuls his roadie wi sna'.
Skeibie's nae neen too happy fur he'll no get awa.


6. Skeibie rowed up he's sleeves, says there's work tae be deen,
There's a hail lot o' pigs tae go till Eberdeen,
Now the fun it got up fan the float did appear,
There wis pigs rinnin' a'wey an' oh what a steer.


13. But things will cheer up, up at Skeibies ferm toon,
The sna' it will tha' and the gowans they'll bloom,
The beasts 'ill start thrivin', cast awa a' the gloom,
Ye'll see smirks on a' the faces at Skeibies ferm toon.
7. Now he's pigs nott no muckin', on slats they did staun',
But the slurry wis a problem fin it got oot a' haun',
It choket the pump an' the mannie did moan,
An' you could feel the smell o't a roon Foggieloan.
14. Well it's farewell tae Skeibies, it's farewell tae ye a',
Fur the place I am gaun till, it is far awa,
I may go to heaven, but A could go to hell,
But I hope there'll be Gregor an' a Skeibies as well.

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Copyright Mrs E Henderson 2004
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