By John B Rattray


John Rattray was the Chemist and Postmaster in Foggie from 1935 until he retired in 1966.  He was an Honorary President of the Bowling Club and was noted for his pawky sense of humour.


Amang the Braes o’ Marnoch lie
A couthy Burgh to the e
A sma’
bit toon, baith clean an’ neat,
A bonnier place ye’ll never meet,
Wi’ lanes an’ streets an’ squar’ an’ a’
It disna’ need a guide book’s
Fit bonnier sicht than oor Gowkha’
Y’ill never see.



Its fitba' team has got ambition,
Its president a man o' vision
Fa swears the Highland League will see
Fit Foggieloan's select can dee;
A widna' wonder tho' his scheme
Becomes a fact an' no a dream,
We'll stuff the Scottish Cup wi' breem,
An' tak' it hame.

2. A braw Town Council tae it’s got,
A fine upstanding strapping lot,
Fit sits an’ chirps wi’ unco clatter,
If naethings deen it disna’ matter,
For like affairs o’ high estate
They maun tak’ time wi’ their debate,
Puir Foggieloan it is yer fate
They’re wrastlin’ ower.


8. It's got electric licht as weel,
Through a' the houses, shops, and squeel.
In aulden days ye'd be a witch
Tae light the Burgh wi' a switch.
It may be strong an' unco bricht,
But aye ma mind gangs tae the nicht
I'd rather hae, wi' auld lamplight,
In Foggieloan.
3. We've got a Park for bairns as weel,
As bigger bairns that's left the squeel,
A bonnie place wi' trees a roun'
'Twid not disgrace a muckle toon,
An' doon the street a bonnie Hall
For haudin' whists or Farmers Ball,
But if ye want yer death o' caul,
Ye'll get it there.


9. When winter's snaw fills dyke an' hedge,
There's Michie's park for loons tae sledge,
A'm sure their mithers dread thae weeks
For drying claes an' mendin' breeks,
But summer comes and days get hot,
The loons are aff just like a shot,
Far tae, but tae the Inky pot,
Tae hae a dook.
4. An' if a dander ye should want
Ging try the Hill, a bonnie haunt,
Wi' paths an' trees an' thackit shelter,
For refuge frae a rainy skelter.
An' files ye'll meet love's auld sweet sang,
As airm in airm they walk alang,
Awa' frae a' the crowded thrang,
O' Foggieloan.


10. An' noo dramatics hiv begun.
The players think it awfa fun,
Tae strut the stage wi' lowerin' mien,
Or make shy love tae Bonnie Jean;
Fine div I mind their first Dramatic,
Wi' mony a joke an' acrobatic,
They had the audience fair asthmatic,
An' hoastin' sair.
5. A Bowling Club an' Tennis Court
Supply the unco swack wi' sport,
On summers nichts, a brawly crew,
They race aboot, or backbane bow,
The pride an' strength o' oor great nation,
They feel ne'ist day wi' consternation,
The urgent need for embrocation,
Weel rubbit in.


11. Frae Auchintoul tae Timbuctoo
For that pairt a' the warld thro',
Oh Foggieloan there's nae a stane
I'd swap for a' the gold in Spain,
Yer proodly laid far a' tae see,
Frae Cranna Hill ower tae Dundee,
Ye nestle in sae cosily,
Anent the burn.


6. Its hostelries are kent afar,
The cheer is guid the meal is squar,
In corduroys and knicky-tams
They tak guid cheer in Foggie drams,
The company is aye the best,
Ye'll get yer troubles aff yer chest,
An' tell yer stories wi' the rest,
Till a's content.
  As written by John B Rattray.

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