By Rachel S Robertson
To William Stronach, Esq., R.E., Ardmeallie, Marnoch.

1. Not much have I to give, yet I would bring
Those simple lays to thee just as a child
Would to a loved one bear an offering
Of blossoms, gathered by the wayside wild.


3. And so I bring this garland I have twined,
Though lacking much the finished work of art;
Yet I would hope some weary ones may find
A message 'mongst the flowers to cheer the heart.


2. "Weeds" some might term such wild flowers, but I know
God's humblest things are precious in your eyes;
Though in no trim kept garden plot they grow,
The blooms of health and mead you'll not despise.
4. Thy name like sunshine gilds the humble flowers,
Which now I cast upon the world's great tide -
The blossoms culled in girlhood's golden hours
On Bogie's banks and bonnie Deveronside.

From the book of songs and poems, 'On Bogie's Banks and Bonnie Deveronside'
Rachel S. Robertson

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