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January 2005 Edition

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Tsunami Relief Effort

Tsunami Disaster

Lil Robb and Elma Rennie organised a collection box in the Costcutter foodstore and held a coffee morning in Marnoch Church Hall on 15th January to aid the Tsunami relief effort.

A total of 864 was raised towards the biggest humanitarian relief operation ever mounted.

Other fund raising events and collections have been taking place in the district to support the appeal.

Lads are Ready for All Weathers

St Marnans Youth 4/5 football team were presented with all-weather tops by sponsor Neil Murray, housebuilder (left) on 13th January 2005.  The gifts were accepted by team coach Graham Ross at the McRobert Park Community Pavilion.

St Marnans Youth 4/5
.Picture courtesy of Andy Taylor, Banff.

Back:  Darren Brodie,  Owen Paterson,  Ben Allan,  Muir Gregor,  Mathew Skyner.
Front:  Lee Inglis,  Ross Stevenson,  Ian Esslemont,  Jake Mair.

Aberchirder Water Supply Scare

On Thursday 20th January, it was discovered that a break-in had taken place at the Cleanhill Water Treatment Works and as a precaution, Scottish Water decided to advise the public not to use the water supply.  There was a possibility that the water had been contaminated.  Although measures were taken to advise people quickly about the incident, it was well into the evening before many residents became aware of the situation.  Vehicles with loudhailers had toured the area broadcasting the news and telling people that they could collect bottled water in The Square.  Many did not hear the message and by the time Scottish Water staff came round distributing advice leaflets, the supply of bottled water had run out.  The decision was taken to deliver the next lorry load of bottled water to people's doors but it seems that the second load also ran out as some people did not receive any water until mid Friday morning.

Cleanhill Pumping Station

There was confusion amongst residents as some were issued with leaflets stating that the water could not be used for any purpose other than flushing toilets.  Others received similar looking leaflets but these advised that the water could be also used for bathing, washing dishes and clothes.

However, by 4.00pm on Friday 21st January, sufficient tests had been taken and Scottish Water was advising people that the water was safe to use.

Proposed Astroturf Project at McRobert Park

Some time ago, a committee was formed from those interested in furthering sporting facilities in Aberchirder, with a view to providing an all-weather pitch with an astroturf surface within the McRobert Park confines.  The group looked at similar ventures in other north-east towns and have been investigating costs and the possibility of grants towards the project.  The Chairman, Ian Esslemont, recently sought and gained the backing of Aberchirder and District Community Association which, it was agreed if the proposal goes ahead, would become the parent body for the venture.

Typical Astroturf Pitch


Leaflets were distributed to households in the burgh to gauge the opinions of residents on the proposal.  Of the 20% or so of responses received, all were in favour of the project.  A public meeting was set to be held on 20th January in Aberchirder Primary School but was postponed due to possible water contamination (see above article).  The meeting was rescheduled for 27th January and a decision was taken then to go ahead with the project which will provide a facility that could be used for a variety of sports.  The group meets again on 4th February to discuss the next steps.

From time to time the Gossip pages will feature old pictures.  Usually for interest but occasionally to collect more information from readers about the location or event.  Your assistance in these cases would be greatly appreciated.

The picture below is of Aberchirder Town Council around 1966.

Town Council 1966

Can anyone name everyone in the photograph?
Why was the picture taken outside Elm Cottage?

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