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June 2006 EDITION



Karen & Gordon Barrie

Married at the Roman Camp Hotel, Callander on 20th May were Gordon Barrie and Karen Graham, both of Epsom.  Gordon is originally from Glasgow and Karen was brought up in Foggie at 9 Causewayend Crescent.

Gordon is a Data Analyst and Karen is a Housing Options Officer.

Both hope to return to their beloved Scotland in the not too distant future.


Karen & Gordon Barrie


Award Winning Beaver Scouts

1st Marnoch Beaver Scouts

Three of the Aberchirder Beavers have completed their Chief Scout Bronze Awards.  This is the first time any of the Marnoch Beavers have received such honours.

Chief Scout Bronze Award

To accomplish this, the boys had to complete various challenges while attending Beavers and another personal challenge at home.  They all worked hard and have been rewarded for their efforts.

The awards were presented on 28th April when the Beavers held their own Gang Show.  All the boys and leaders entertained an audience of parents, relatives and friends and each beaver presented his own individual act - a gymnast, a juggler, a poet, and a singer, to name but a few.

Successful beavers are:  Back left; Aiden Stewart, Back right; Alexander Bowie, Front; Scott Duguid.


ABC Centenary Committee

Back row from left:  Mary McKenzie, Bill Davidson, Sandy Tewnion, Tom Cairns, Bob Peden, Alan Nicol, Isobel Bremner, Margaret Collie.
Front:  Charles Youngson (Secretary), Betty Fromholc, Charlie Henderson, Kay Cairns, Sandy Collie (Chairman).
Missing from photograph: Joan Chalmers & Jim Barclay.


Bowling and social events are well under way in celebration of the 100 years since the founding of the Bowling Club

Centenary badges and special malt whiskies are now on sale to mark the occasion and a souvenir booklet will be produced following the culmination of the year's celebrations.


Malt Whisky

Centenary Lapel Badge
Available in Club at 1.50 each

Centenary Malt Whisky 70cl Bottle 18.00
Miniature 2.50


Speak to anyone and the chances are they will tell you a different version of the way to drink Scotch whisky.  Whether it be a single malt or a blend, there will always be disagreements over the best way to enjoy the amber liquid.

Some think the correct and only way to enjoy it is to drink it neat - the way it comes out of the bottle.  Others prefer to add ice, water or other mixers such as lemonade, ginger, cola etc..


It is generally considered that by adding ice and reducing the temperature of the whisky, the aroma or smell  becomes 'frozen'.  The result is the drink becomes flatter and also dull to the taste.

Certainly it seems pointless to most people, to make either a long drink, a fizzy mixture or cocktail from a high quality or expensive whisky.

And then there is the question of the glass ........

The style of glass to be used for drinking whisky can get as complex and contentious as that for drinking some wines and liqueurs.  Various designs of whisky glasses are available ranging from the tulip shaped nosing glass to the wide tumbler.  Some even prefer to use a sherry schooner style glass!

There is no doubt that using a narrow topped tulip shaped glass allows the whisky to be swilled more easily around the sides and helps hold the fragrance for nosing purposes.  Producers say that adding a little water to your whisky helps release the flavours and prevents the strength of the whisky from anaesthetising your senses and taste buds, thus allowing you to enjoy its individual flavours and sensations.  You should add either a good quality, chlorine free, soft tap water or bottled still water.

Taking the combined liquid into your mouth and swilling it around, will allow you to taste the various elements which the distillers have spent years in perfecting.

One thing worth experimenting with is allowing the whisky to breath before drinking.  Leaving it to sit in the glass for a few minutes can affect the taste, as oxidisation, which occurs when the liquid is exposed to the air, can alter the flavour of some whiskies dramatically.

However, whatever your taste or preference, there is no right or wrong way to drink Scotch Whisky.  'Experts' will give guidance on how best to experience the aroma and flavours as they were originally designed to be enjoyed but you should drink Scotland's best known product the way you prefer it.

Some guidance is offered by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society should you want to find out more.


Billy Wilson in Iraq

Billy was born in South Street, Foggie in 1958 and is the son of Bill and Phylis Wilson, 4 Cornhill Road.

As a youngster, Billy travelled with his family while his father served in the army.  He then worked with L A Anderson, builder and afterwards as a printer with the Banffshire Journal.  He later joined the Gordon Highlanders and served in Ireland.  He was in the RUC for 15 years and became Acting Sergeant in the MSU (Mobile Support Unit).

Billy is presently training the Iraq Police at the Police Academy near Basra and expects to remain in Iraq for 5-6 years.


Billy Wilson seen here with an Iraqi Interpreter.


Show Queen & Attendants



This year's Foggie Show Queen and Attendants were recently appointed.

The three lovely girls pictured are:

Show Queen - Ashley Clark (17) - North Street, Aberchirder

Show Attendant - Alison Craib (21) - Mountblairy

Show Princess - Natasha Birnie (11) -  Hardie Court, Aberchirder


Show Attendant

Alison Craib
Show Queen

Ashley Clark
Show Princess

Natasha Birnie

Pictures courtesy of Andy Taylor


Aberchirder Brownies and Guides took part in a sponsored activity and obstacle course in McRobert Park this month.  The effort was to raise some money for their funds but mainly for donations towards research into Children's Leukaemia.  The event raised a total of around 400.

Group Exercises
Hula Hoops
Hula Hoops


He's weel awa' - an' lang syne deid

We fairly miss his crack

But soon ee's words ye'll surely read

Aul' Broon is comin' back!

Watch This Space!

The Late Simon Brown


Aberchirder's Annual Gala held on 4th June was a huge success.

The boys' and girls' 5-a-side football teams from primary schools in the area, took part in some very exciting matches, some having to resort to penalty shoot-outs after extra time.  A good crowd of parents, friends and onlookers gave all the players lots of encouragement and competition for the top prizes was tough.

The bright and sunny weather once again brought out the crowds and a significant amount of money was raised for local community groups through sales from stalls, raffles and other activities.

Going for Goal
Girls Battle It Out
On the Ball
Two Determined Players

Click Here to See Additional Images from this Year's Gala


Your Local Aberdeenshire Councillor and Political Representative

Kenny Benzie

can be contacted on

01261 832976

should you have any issues or concerns regarding Council services, or if you want assistance or guidance on local matters.

Councillor Benzie



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