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May 2006 EDITION


Picture courtesy of Andy Taylor

Five organisations received cash donations following the closure of Rose Innes Home.  The Home's support group 'The Friendship Club' (formerly known as 'Friends of Rose Innes') decided to disband and distribute money to deserving causes.  Group members made presentations at a gathering in Marnoch Church Hall as follows:

Gladys Christie presented a cheque for £1000 to Fiona Pearson for Friends of the Anchor Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
Joe Burnett -Stuart
presented a cheque for £1000 to Margaret Imlach for Roxburgh House, Aberdeen.
Mary Burnett-Stuart presented a cheque for £1500 to Betty Bremner for Aberchirder Day Club.
Mary Smith presented a cheque for £644 to Julie Grant for Marie Curie Nurses, Cancer Care (Grampian).
Bella Connon presented a cheque for £644 to Deanna Wolf for MacMillan Nurses, Cancer Care.


Aberchirder Pharmacy distributed questionnaires to households in the Aberchirder and Cornhill areas seeking comments and observations on the services they provided, products available and on the proposed shop refit which will include the provision of a private consulting room.  A good number of responses were received and owner Sam Melrose and Manager Sandra McCulloch wish to thank all participants who took part.  By way of appreciation, the names of all participants were 'placed in a hat' and a lucky winner drawn.

Lucky winner

Receiving a presentation gift set from Manager Sandra McCulloch and Shop Assistant Ashley Clark, is Suzy Slade (centre) of North Street, Aberchirder.

Both the Community Council and the Community Association are committed to working together for the benefit of everyone in the Marnoch area and this is helped by having an overlapping membership.

A97 approach from Huntly

Cornhill Road




Itís Flower Time Again!


Itís Gala Time Again!

Sandra Spackman has agreed to take charge of organising flower tubs and hanging baskets for the coming year.

The displays can only be successful if enough people volunteer to set them up and look after them.  If a lot of people do a little bit each, this makes it easy all round.

Please contact Sandra on 780256 for details


The Association is busy organising the annual Gala which will be held on Sunday 4 June.  All local groups have been invited to take a stall to help their fundraising, and St Marnans Sports Club will run the 5-a-side competition.

Come along and support this important community event!

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Would You Like To Reduce Your Fuel Bills?


Astroturf Project

Jonny Barton has found four people to form a group to do a survey of how much energy people in Aberchirder use.  The eventual aim is to help people to waste less energy and so cut their fuel bills.

Look out for developments!


The project to provide an Astroturf facility in McRobert Park has reached the stage of inviting tenders so that the total cost of the project can be calculated.  Thereafter, applications for grants will be prepared.

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Fountain Repair


The Hill

The Jubilee Fountain in the Square is at last going to be repaired, at a cost of £8000.  The Community Council has been given a Lottery Awards For All grant of £5000 and will contribute £1000 from its own funds.  The rest of the money will come from Councillor Kenny Benzieís Ďtop-upí fund and Aberdeenshire  Councilís Planning Department.


Those of you who enjoy using the walks round Cleanhill may have noticed that volunteers have been busy over the winter.  Jonny Barton has cleared some gutters, kept the rhododendrons under control, and joined Mike Stevens of Scottish Wildlife Trust and his volunteers in thinning an area of larch trees.

Plans are afoot to buy wild flower plugs to speed up the development of the meadow at the top of the Hill.

If you would like to volunteer for some work on Cleanhill, please contact Jonny on 01261 812110


Public Meeting Held on Thursday 11th May

The meeting hosted by the Community Council and organised by the Banffshire Partnership, was a great success.  Almost 50 people gathered in Marnoch Church Hall to put forward their ideas for the future of Foggie.

Following a short introduction, people jotted down ideas on post-it stickers and placed them on various posters under headings such as health, housing, crime, roads, community needs etc.  During a refreshment break, the many suggestions were collated and listed under main headings and then those present were asked to vote on what they felt were the issues of most importance.  Voting was achieved by everyone putting coloured dots against those matters they had concerns about and using colours to state their preference and priority.

The procedure was good fun to participate in and there were a lot of excellent suggestions and ideas put forward.  It was also clear from the voting that the people of the village have very strong feelings on a great number of issues.

The outcome of the event will be a report to be prepared by the Banffshire Partnership which will be available to anyone who wants a copy.  More importantly, it will result in a new Community Plan for Aberchirder which will be sent to all relevant Local Authority services and agencies.  The report should become available within the next 3 months.


Foggie Gala

4th June


5-A-Side Football, Fun for Kids, Stalls, Refreshments and Much More

Check local posters for details.


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