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St Marnans Youth - Presentation of Football Trophies

Presentation of trophies to the St Marnans Youth Pr. 1,2,3 team took place 5th October in Aberchirder School hall.  Handing over the trophies were Huntly FC players Russell Guild (left) and Gary McGowan (right).
Team coaches are Billy Forrest (centre) and Adrian Inglis (on leave).

Picture courtesy of Andy Taylor, Banff.

Standing:  Jonathon McLean,  Adam Willox,  Matthew Ogden,  Robert Wilson,  Matthew Skyner,  Ross Adam,  Macauly Morrice.
Seated:  Sean Chalmers,  Nathan Ross,  Ben Allan,  Jay Inglis,  Owen Patterson,  Scott Duguid,  Murray Inglis.
In squad but not present: Alexander Bowie,  Blair Duncan,  Stuart Flood,  Russell Scott,  Dean Nicol,  Steven Wilson,  Ross Nicol.

Coaches' Player of Year  --  Ben Allan.
Players' Player of Year  --  Matthew Skyner.
Most Consistent Player  --  Jay Inglis.
Most Improved Player  --  Owen Patterson.
Clubman  --  Robert Wilson.

Also presented with trophies were the St Marnans Youth Pr. 4 - 5 team.
At back:  Huntly FC players who presented awards, Gary McGowan (left) and Russell Guild (right) with coach Darren Michie.  Other coach Graham Ross not in pic.

Picture courtesy of Andy Taylor, Banff.

Standing:  Jake Mair,  Lee Inglis,  Ross Stevenson,  Muir Gregor,  Ryan Shand,  James Steel,  Matthew Anderson,  Ian Esslemont,  Bruce Maxwell.
Seated:  Darren Brodie,  Christopher Ogden,  Steven Greig,  Peter Morrison,  Adam Cowie,  Adrian Brodie,  Reece Esslemont.
In squad but not present:  Derri Wilson,  Iain Scott,  Martin Isinger.

Coaches' Player of Year  --  Steven Greig.
Players' Player of Year  --  Lee Inglis.
Most Consistent Player  --  Derri Wilson.
Most Improved Player  --  Christopher Ogden.
Clubman of Year  --  Reece Esslemont.

Here, the St Marnans Youth Pr. 6-7 football team who received their end-of-season trophies at the ceremony.
At back:  Russell Guild (left) and Gary McGowan (right) of Huntly FC , with coaches Scott Chalmers and Willie McKinnon.

Picture courtesy of Andy Taylor, Banff.

Standing:  Peter Dunbar,  Mark Willox,  Conner McGregor,  Christopher Ross,  Glen Shand, Conner McPherson.
Seated:  Gary Kelman,  Michael McGregor,  Chris Dunbar,  Jordan Cameron,  Steven Adam,  Kieran Gordon,  Alexander Wright.
In squad but not present:  Kyle Wilson. Ewen Gregor

Coaches' Player of Year  --  Keiran Gordon.
Players' Player of Year  --  Kylie Wilson.
Most Consistent Player  -- Alexander Wright.
Most Improved Player  --  Peter Dunbar.
Clubman of the Year  --  Mark Willox.


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