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March 2008 Edition 



Primary 6 pupils had a hands-on involvement in 'smoothie day' - something that may become an annual event after its popularity this year and last.  The children and helpers spent the whole morning of 3rd February making smoothies of different flavours and combinations.  Later, all classes had the opportunity to try out the various drinks on offer at 10p per cup. A total of 30 was raised for school funds.
Final stage of one of the flavours
Blending the ingredients
Getting the ingredients right
Selecting what goes in the next smoothie
Ready for customers
Ready for the first customers
Enjoying the smoothies
Children from the Nursery enjoying the smoothies


Pupils at Aberchirder Primary School took part in a 'sponsored knit' to raise money towards general school funds.  Organised by the Parents' Support group, each pupil was asked to produce a 'cattie's tail' by French Knitting and there were prizes for the longest in both junior and senior classes.  The 'tails' are to be made into a collage and displayed in the school.

Pupils hold up their work
Pupils show off their handiwork.

Measuring the submissions
Lining up to get their 'Cattie's Tails' measured.
Far right standing: Michelle van Sittert of Parents Support Group
Seated: Joyce Porter and Shona Killoh

A typical spool which holds four nails to produce a narrow knitted tube. Often a sewing reel with small nails was used.
The method is known as Spool knitting, Corking or French knitting and the result known in Scotland as Cattie's Tails.

The children, through their sponsors, have raised a total of 511 so far, with more money likely to come forward.  The total length when all added together was an amazing 110.395 metres!  Although not a record, it was a fantastic effort.  Overall winner was Patrick Wilson (P4/5) whose cattie's tail was over 10 metres long. Other winners were Iona Gregor (P6/7) and Bruce Wilson (P1/3).  Prize-winners were presented with games by the Parents Support Group.


The School's 'Health Week' took place from 17th-19th March and all classes took part in walking a mile a day. This involved walking 6 times round the school grounds each day.

Walking a mile a day
P1-3 stepping out

Around the grounds
P1/2 doing the circuit

Hot work
P4 pupils taking a well earned rest

~ Healthy Eating ~

A tasting session was organised by the school canteen so that all pupils could try a range of unusual fruits and vegetables.  All items were numbered and each child was asked to identify the various items.  Joan Chalmers, Catering Supervisor, donated two baskets of goodies to the pupils who correctly identified most foods.  The sessions were a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all the pupils.

What could this be called?
Pupils have a taste and try to guess the name of the fruit or vegetable.
Prize-winners and canteen staff
Prize-winners Cheryl McWilliam (P7) and Daniel Kelman.
Behind, Joan Chalmers, Lesley Coutts and Brenda Williamson


Primary 7 classes took part in 30 minute aerobic sessions each morning over the 3 'Health Days'.  In groups, the pupils made up all their own routines with the Nursery and Auxiliary  teachers joining in.  Everyone had great fun.

Aerobics Going through their routine


Primary 5 held a fashion show on the last day of term.  The class made clothes out of rubbish and called it "The Rubbish Fashion Show". Parents and relations of the pupils in P5 were invited along to view the 'range' and the whole school including the nursery came to watch. The clothes were made solely by the pupils.  They had a silver collection at the end of the show and raised 39 pounds for school funds.
Fashion News? Cheers for Rubbish Show

Kerryn Stevenson and Chloe Auchnie hit the news with their paper outfits.

The whole class in their costumes with teacher Debbie Coghill.


David Myles, who resides in the The Square, Aberchirder, recently took delivery of a very rare tractor after purchasing it via the Internet last year. The immaculate 1968 Ford 8000 was purchased from Indiana, USA and was shipped here with the help of Ben Wheeler Tractors, a journey which included trucks, a train and a large container ship to reach Southampton.  It joins another Ford 8000 which David owns.

1968 Ford 8000
After arriving in Foggie - pictured at South Cranna.

The tractor, which has hardly been used, has only 2700 hours on the clock and is fitted with the original tyres.  It is in very good condition and even has a fitted television, am/fm radio, a heater and an air suspension seat - all of which were unknown fittings in the UK at the time. At some stage, it has had 8600 decals applied to make it look newer than it is.

This rare model was never sold in the UK.  It is over 6 feet to the top of the bonnet and weighs almost 7 tons.  Though it only provides 105hp, it gives a huge amount of torque and was ideal for drawing trailed implements in the USA.

Loading into container
Being loaded into a container in Minnesota with half an inch to spare!
The dashboard showing some of the controls and the TV.


Local artist Rob Andrew (far right) was present at the unveiling of three of his paintings in Edinburgh.  It took place in the northern offices of The Sea Fish Industry Authority.  The painting seen behind the group, is of the Chris Andra, a mid water/pelagic trawler worth 15m.

Also pictured are from the left, John Rutherford, Chief Executive of Sea Fish, Charles Howeson, Chairman of Sea Fish and William Tait, one of the shareholders of the vessel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amongst Rob's many commissions is a painting of the The Normand Seven (Norwegian ship of the year 2007) which is on long term charter to Aberdeen's Subsea 7.  The work hangs in the vessel which is presently operating in Brazilian waters. 

Picture Unveiling


Deveronvale lads under-14s football team (below) took part in the Trofeo Mediterraneo II Tourney in Tordero near Barcelona from 21-23 March.

Deveronvale Lads in Spain
Foggie lads Derri Wilson (Wellfield Terrace) back row 3rd left, Peter Morrison (Causewayend Crescent) back row 9th left and
Christopher Ogden (Parkside of Cranna) front row 2nd right.

Other teams taking part in the European Football Tournament were from Ireland, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The boys' game against Italy was abandoned short of half time due to a thunderstorm. They were 1-0 down at the time.  Their only defeat was in a play-off against France for 3rd and 4th place.  However, getting 4th out of 18 teams in their age group was a great result.

The team and their 4 coaches were accompanied by 29 supporters consisting of parents, brothers and sisters and a granny.  All had a great time despite the stormy weather.

With medals and cup.


Kitchen caddy

If you require additional compostable food waste bags for your recycling kitchen caddy, please note that further supplies are now available at the following locations:

Recycling Point/Waste Disposal Skip, Old Roads Depot, Aberchirder,
open on Sundays from 11am to 3pm
Aberchirder Library, Main Street,
Monday 5pm - 7.30pm, Wednesday 3pm to 5pm and Friday from 5pm to 7.30pm
The Food Collection Vehicle staff.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Over the past few months the Community Council and Community Association have held joint meetings to consider possible ways of upgrading the part of The Square either side of the Fountain.  Aberdeenshire Council has agreed with a proposed design, which is currently being drawn up in detail.  It is proposed to hold a public exhibition and consultation meeting in early summer before looking for funding.


For details of the consultation meeting, watch this space!

Aberchirder Square


The Community Council recently sent a list of comments and questions about local roads to Aberdeenshire Council. Items included speeding and safety on South Street and residential streets, road markings at various locations, and road signs at the Bridge of Marnoch and Cranna Bridge.

Two Aberdeenshire Council representatives attended the March meeting to discuss these matters, and undertook to take steps to address several of the issues raised.


The Community Council would like to have your comments on the present arrangements at the Recycling area, including the skip,
and your thoughts on the Food Waste Kerbside Collection trial. 

On these or any other matters please contact the Secretary, Margaret McKay, on 780208.



The Association has been awarded 800 from the Shell Small Grants Scheme which was administered by Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership.
The money will go towards the cost of scraping dead vegetation from the main path on the south side of the Hill, from the top of the path down to Willsholm along to the handrail just before the Viewpoint.  It is hoped that this will uncover a good hard surface underneath and make walking easier, particularly in wet weather.


Regular visitors to the Hill will have noticed that the trees damaged in the November 2006 gales have still not all been removed.  The Association hopes that the contractors who agreed to clear the fallen timber will be able to complete the work soon.

Please remember the Hill is a community woodland which belongs to all the people of Foggie, and there is a desperate need for people to help with managing it.


The Association has been receiving comments about the poor state of the entrance to the park.  Along with the Community Council and our Councillors we are in discussions with Aberdeenshire Council to try to have a proper surface laid.  As always this will depend on money being available in budgets.

To volunteer to help with looking after the Hill, please contact Linda Farquhar on 780512



Saturday 10th May 10am - 3pm
Marnoch Church Hall, Main Street, Aberchirder

2 entry includes teas and shortbread
Profits go towards Hall improvements.

To book a sales table, contact Gladys Christie 01466 780685

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