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September / October 2009 Edition      

Autumn leaves


The first few days of September brought severe flooding to many parts of Aberdeenshire and Moray.  The following images of the swollen River Deveron were taken on 4 September after two days of almost continuous very heavy rain.  The 'after' pictures were taken one week later from approximately the same locations.  Reports were heard of the River Deveron having risen 5 metres in some places.

Fishing hut in the middle of the river

Deveron in flood

After - Fishing hut can be seen at the top of the bank (centre of picture)

Deveron at normal levels

Waves of floodwater surge against the hut

Deveron in flood

It seemed inevitable that the hut would be washed away ....

Deveron in flood

After - It survived!

Deveron at normal levels

The level of the water during flooding

Deveron in flood

After - The river returns to normal and a couple fish from the bank

Deveron at normal levels

Downriver from the Bridge of Marnoch

Deveron in flood

At the Bridge of Marnoch

Deveron in flood

Looking up-river next to Marnoch Cemetery

Deveron in flood

After - The river at normal levels

Deveron at normal levels

Flood levels immediately downstream of Marnoch Cemetery

Deveron in flood

After - many bales were seen floating downriver

Deveron at normal levels

The river bank at Marnoch Cemetery

Deveron in flood

After - Clear water runs again

Deveron at normal levels

Deveron in flood Deveron at normal levels


Basketball, which was invented in 1891, continues to be the most popular indoor sport in the world. St Marnans Sports Club in Aberchirder now organize basketball sessions for young persons in the schools' P7 - S4 age range on Monday evenings from 8 - 9pm.  During a discussion with Grampian's Basketball Development Officer, local Coach Jan Skyner heard about a professional team visiting Aberdeen.  A match was to take place between 'Glasgow Rocks', Scotland's only professional squad, and an elite group of players picked from teams in the Grampian League.

Jan decided to take the Foggie players along to see the match at Aberdeen Sports Village on 15th September so they could see and learn from watching the game played by top level sportsmen.  Most of the youngsters had never see a professional match or even adults competing in the game.

Foggie spectators
The group of spectators from Foggie.
Back L-R:  Stacey Robertson, Matty Skyner, Jay Inglis, Nathan Ross, Donna Paterson, Keiran Brooks, Jan Skyner (coach).
Front L-R:  Elaine Robertson, Ryan Robertson, Joe Middleton, Adam Willox, Murray Inglis, Alex Bowie, Steve Bullock.
Also present, Hannah Skyner who took pictures.


Players in red - Grampian Elite team
Players in blue - Glasgow Rocks.

Foggie group pose with players
Some of the Foggie group pose with players.

Adam Willox
Adam Willox pictured with a bag of goodies after winning the half time shooting competition.

For further details of Basketball training and other sporting events, see 'Activities' below.


Stuart Gray


Stuart Gray, 19, from Aberchirder has gained an advanced certificate in brickwork at Moray College.  Stuart is now a final year apprentice for Neil Murray Housebuilders.







Thanks to the generosity of Huntly Rotary Club, Aberchirder Community Association received a gift of around 700 daffodil bulbs.  It was decided to plant these at the viewpoint at the south-western end of Cleanhill to add some springtime colour to an area of rough grassland.

The staff of Aberchirder Primary School are always interested in getting pupils involved in community projects and so their assistance was sought in carrying out the work of planting after preparatory work had been undertaken by Aberdeenshire Council.  On 6 October, twenty four pupils from P4, 5 & 7 planted  all the bulbs in an amazing 15 minutes and did so with great enthusiasm and efficiency.

About to plant bulbs on Cleanhill
Pupils receive instructions on how to plant the bulbs

Hard at work
Bulbs were planted in groups of 5 in pre-dug holes

Hard at work Hard at work
Concentration Jonny Barton gives a nature talk
We did it!
After a talk on plant and tree reproduction by Jonny Barton, the Cleanhill Warden, the pupils posed for a group photograph.


Isla Rose Mutch was born on 8th October 2009 in Stratford, New Zealand, weighing 8lbs 1oz.  Proud parents Gavin and Pip are seen here with Isla and 2 year old Ashleigh.

Gavin Mutch, formerly of Woodside, Mosscoral, Forgue, is a sheep shearer and his wife Pip of Stratford, New Zealand. is an accomplished endurance horserider.

The Mutch family

Baby Isla Ashleigh with baby Isla


Thanks to the help and assistance of Sandra Runcie (left), local children from Nursery to P3 ages were able to participate in handcrafting various articles of seasonal fun and interest.  The session was held in Aberchirder Library on 14 October and amongst the items created by the children were: spooky hands (latex gloves filled with popcorn then painted with nail-varnish), Halloween cards, Santa boxes and Christmas decorations.

Junior craftwork in Aberchirder Library

Cleanhill Wood Replanting And Maintenance Update

People visiting Aberchirder’s community woodland at Cleanhill have noticed a big change as a result of the felling of its 1.7 hectare larch plantation last April.  Now plans are in hand to replant the area as agreed in the felling licence issued by the Forestry Commission.

The Community Association’s Tree Warden Jonny Barton explained: “Planting of the felled area where the larch plantation stood for over 50 years is due to begin in the first week of December 2009.  We will use a healthy variety of oak, ash, rowan, Scots pine, wych elm, birch, wild cherry, hazel, alder and other trees grown only from Aberdeenshire seeds, with the cost being met from the proceeds of the sale of the larch. We have approached the Scottish Wildlife Trust to organise the planting and we hope to involve members of the community in some way, as it is their woodland.”

Meanwhile volunteers continue to help with ongoing maintenance in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.  Jonny responded to concerns raised recently about the amount of thinning activity going on in the woodland. He said: “The work includes the thinning and removal of small beech trees, large beech branches, dangerous over-hanging branches and fallen wood blocking foot-paths.  This work is time-consuming but very valuable for keeping the woodland safe for walkers, rich in variety of wildlife and enjoyable for all the folk who spend time here.  I have asked two volunteers, George Harris and Brian Geddes, to help me get through this huge long-term work so they will often be seen in the woods cutting and removing wood.”

He added: “Anyone with the time and energy to volunteer for some of the ongoing planting or cutting works, or who sees something they think shouldn’t be going on, can call me on my mobile number 07908 598449 or Aberdeenshire Council Landscape Services on 01261 813390.”


St Marnans Sports Club

Weekly Activities Timetable 2009 - 2010
(During School Term)








6.15 - 7pm

Fun Session/Games





7 - 8 pm

Football (Boys)

P1,2,3 Boys


B Forrest / S Riddoch


8 - 9 pm


P7 - S4


N Davidson / J Skyner








6 - 7 pm

Gymnastics (mixed)



N Davidson / L Wood


7 - 8 pm

Gymnastics (mixed)

P4 - 7


N Davidson / L Wood


6.30 - 8 pm Football (Boys) P4 - 7 £1.50 A Inglis / L Inglis   ****


8 - 9 pm

Football Tennis

P7 - S4


A Inglis / L Inglis






Wednesday 6 - 7.30 pm Badminton P7 - S4 £2.00 W Kean / S Inglis
  7.30 - 9 pm Badminton Adults £2.00 W Kean / S Inglis








6 - 7 pm

Football (Girls)

P1,2,3 Girls


M Allan / A Allan


7-8 pm

Football (Girls)

P4 - 7 Girls


N Murray / D Henderson

All Activities run during school term and are held in the gym hall at
Aberchirder Primary School except that marked
**** which will be held at McRobert Park Floodlit area.

     Please note a completed Parental Consent Form and Club membership fee of £5.00
(for insurance purposes) must be completed and forwarded asap.

To find out what is on in Aberchirder, click here to open in a new window.


Website cling in Strasbourg

One of our regular website visitors, who lives in Strasbourg, sent in this picture of her car displaying one of our window clings.  Agathe has friends in Aberchirder and she has visited the area several times.

These clings, measuring 350mm x  50mm, are non-sticky and can be placed inside car windows or any other glazing.

Please order them to promote our area.

Available from Linda Farquhar, Tel 01466 780512
contact us at info@foggieloan.co.uk

Donation of £1 each Welcomed



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