The term 'Gadgie' usually refers to a male and has many differing meanings or connotations throughout the UK.  It most certainly originates from the tinker or gipsy people's expression for a person who comes from a town. In Romany, it was spelt 'Gage' or 'Gorgio' and meant a person of non-gipsy origin.

In other regions it can mean an old man, a crazy or weird man or even a ned, lowlife, troublemaker or hooligan.  In the Central Belt of Scotland it can mean someone of low intellect, lack of dress sense and poor.  In contrast, in the Teesside area it can refer to a someone with minor authority like a caretaker or even a person with some skill or expertise.

Whatever uses may be made of the word, Foggie has its own meaning.  Closer to the original gipsy meaning, a Gadgie is a true Foggieloaner - one who was born, brought up and resides in Aberchirder.