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Early Projects


In 1999 the Community Association funded the presentation of a coat of arms to Aberchirder & Marnoch Community Council.

The design, chosen after public consultation, shows key points in Foggie’s history – two croziers represent St Marnan, after whom the Parish of Marnoch is named; a boar’s head represents founder Alexander Gordon of Auchintoul; and a cross pattee was used on the burgh seal of the Town Council (1890-1975).

Arms Presentation 1999

The arms and motto ‘Aye Foggieloan’ have been used ever since as the brand for our village.

The original £16,000 raised locally towards the cost of the pavilion eventually attracted match funding of over £100,000 from Europe, the National Lottery and Aberdeenshire Council. This allowed the Community Association to carry out a range of projects, including environmental work at Cleanhill Wood and elsewhere, publication of booklets and calendars and, in 1999, production of a video ‘Aye Foggieloan’, telling the story of Aberchirder since its foundation.

In 2002, in response to proposals for a local history museum, the Association decided to set up a community website to make Foggie and its history known around the world by means of a virtual museum, rather than a real one.

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