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Doric culture – Language, Music, Oral Tradition…


Doric is the dialect of the Scots language spoken in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardine and the eastern parts of Moray. The name “Doric” probably derives from Ancient Greece, where the Dorians lived mainly outside sophisticated Athens and spoke in a dialect and with an accent regarded as rustic and a mark of poor education. The name was probably applied to North-east Scotland’s equivalent as a linguistic joke and has stuck.

Although there is an extensive body of literature, poetry, ballads and songs from the North East, Doric is easier to understand when it is spoken rather than written. When you visit Foggieloan you will find many people use Doric for everyday conversation – but can also speak standard English when required!


Aul’ Broon Fae Foggie Toon

Simon Brown from Aberchirder, always referred to as Aul’ Broon, was noted for recitations of Doric poems he composed featuring local personalities.

His collection of poems have been preserved in book form and recorded by Ross Records of Turriff.

Find out more about Aul’ Broon, read the book and enjoy the recordings on our site.

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