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Long Lane Becomes Southview Terrace

Phase 1 – 40 & 41 Southview Terrace (1935):

The first new houses in what was still the Long Lane were built in 1935 by Shiach of Dufftown, at the top of the feu where they also built 26 & 27 South Street.

Phase 2 – 42, 43, 48-51 Southview Terrace (1951):

During 1950 and 1951 Don Contractors built what became 34-37 South Street, with 48-51 Southview Terrace at the top end of the feus.

Phase 3 – 52-59 Southview Terrace (1966):

However it was not until 1959 that work began to build new houses at the east end of Southview Terrace. The Department of Housing accepted the Architect’s plans but was concerned that there were no plans for improving the narrow lanes between Southview Terrace and South Street. “These lanes are steep and narrow and form dangerous junctions with the Class 1 road [A97]. The existing roads at the east and west of Southview Terrace form sufficient linkage and consideration should be given to closing the narrow lanes with the exception of one or two which might be retained for pedestrian traffic only.” This advice was not followed, however, and some lanes are still used by motor traffic. These houses, built at the same time as 41-44 South Street and 3-8 Taylor Drive, were completed in 1965-1966.

Phase 4 – 24 & 25 Southview Terrace (1965):

In 1964 Aberchirder builder L A Anderson won the contract to build two houses at 24 & 25 Southview Terrace at the top end of the feu containing 10 & 11 South Street, which were being rebuilt by A D Walker. Three old houses (then numbered 6-8 Southview Terrace) were bought by the Town Council from Mrs Janet Grant of Southview (23 South Street) and replaced by two new ones which were completed in1965.

Phase 5 – 22, 23, 26-39 Southview Terrace (1966):

The Town Council had bought the feu containing Nelson Terrace (then numbered 3-5 Southview Terrace) and 8 & 9 South Street in 1959. However the old houses continued to have tenants, including at No.3 Foggie’s famous Indian pedlar Rahmat Ullah, who was given permission to install electric light at his own expense.
Meantime the Council’s efforts were concentrated on filling the stretch of Southview Terrace from there to the existing houses at what are now Nos.40-59. Most were built on the top end of the feus of South Street houses (Nos. 12-23) which were still in good condition and not facing demolition.
Work began in 1964 and, after complaints about slow progress the new houses – a mix of two- and three-apartment built by L A Anderson – were ready for occupation by 1966.