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Aul’ Broon Fae Foggie Toon – Simon Brown

Simon Brown, always referred to as Aul’ Broon, was noted for recitations of poems he composed featuring local personalities. These were usually delivered in the New Inn, across the street from his house and most had been recorded on cassette tape by Ross Records of Turriff. However his daughter Elsie, who had collected his works in typed form, proposed they should be published in book form and sold to raise funds for the community. The book sold out quickly locally and abroad.

Aul’ Broon Fae Foggie Toon - Simon Brown

Simon was born on 10 December 1908 on a croft at Myre of Bedlam, beside New Deer. One of twelve children, he left school at the age of 13 to work at Netherwhite Bog farm. He spent all his working life on the land, being fee’d at many farms all over the North-east, ending up at Skeibhill, Aberchirder.

Read the book – ‘Aul’ Broon Fae Foggie Toon – The Man and his Words’ below.

Listen to Aul’ Broon – Courtesy of Ross Records

The Last O' Broon

by Simon Brown | Auld Broon Fae Foggie Toon

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