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Aberchirder has seen many changes in transport since it was founded. In the 18th Century most people never travelled beyond the immediate area and goods and materials could only be carried in very small quantities on horseback. Today Foggie, once a community self-sufficient for work and services, has become largely a dormitory town where both of these have to be sought elsewhere. This section of the museum deals with the developments which brought this about.


GNSR Buses In The Square, 1905

You will discover how local transport was revolutionized in the 19th Century, first by a turnpike road from Banff to Huntly and then by railway lines to Huntly and other nearby towns. Then you will find out how, in the first part of the 20th Century, the arrival of motor buses meant the end of horse transport   and how buses and lorries posed an increasing challenge to the railways. Next you will follow the effects of the arrival of mass car ownership on local railway lines and bus companies. Finally, you will learn how changes in technology have improved the ways in which fire and snow are dealt with.