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Fire Service


The vehicles used by the emergency services have become more sophisticated over the years, and this is well illustrated by the local fire service. The first fire engine was bought in 1897 from London County Council for £10 and taken to Aberdeen by steamboat! A wooden fire-station was built for it next to the slaughterhouse opposite the Back Spoot well. In 1911, the brigade dealt with a fire at Easter Corskie and, as this was outside the burgh boundary, the Town Council charged the owner £5, of which £3 went to the firemen! In the early years the fire appliance was hand pulled and hand-pumped.

A modern fire station was built in Taylor Drive in 1970. As in all rural areas the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service appliances are manned by a crew of retained firefighters, local volunteers who operate ‘on-call’ and respond to emergency calls via a pager from their home or place of work at any time of the day or night.
(Fire engine pictures courtesy of Peter W Scott)