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Government Aberchirder

In this section you will discover how Aberchirder was created at a time when there was very little local government in the modern sense, with the Church of Scotland and landowners having most influence on people’s daily lives. Counties existed and they appointed Commissioners of Supply who were responsible for maintenance and repair of roads and bridges. As the 19th Century went on local government gradually expanded into the fields of poor relief, law and order and education.
You will learn how it was an Act of Parliament passed in 1889 that brought major changes to how Aberchirder was governed. Local people voted in favour of making Foggie a police burgh with an elected Town Council. This body had a wide range of powers covering housing, streets, water and drainage, and public health and was to remain in being for 85 years.
Finally you will discover how in 1975 the first of two major reorganisations of local government swept Aberchirder Town Council away. Since then many people have felt their local representatives are remote and this is reflected in the low turnout at every council election.