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This account of the local Home Guard and Auxiliary Units is based on reminiscences provided in 2011 by a number of people who were involved, directly or indirectly, in the activities: Jack Stewart, John Morrison, Lil Anderson, Gladys Prosser, Charlie Anderson and Bingo Bremner.

Special thanks go to Jack, aged 88, for his long reminiscence and to John, a relative youngster of 85 who, on a day of foul weather, led our local historian Bob Peden across dubby parks and barbed wire fences to show him the location of the Culvie secret bunker. Thanks to Helen Lyon for providing contacts, information and advice.

Thanks also to Robert Munro for information and materials relating to his grandfather and the Marnoch area, and to others for their photographic submissions.

Finally we are grateful for the information and comments from David Blair, Scotland’s leading expert on Auxiliary Units, and Alison Smith, whose excellent website includes an account of their activities in the Deskford area and much more – see / The_Banffshire_Guerrillas.pdf