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Air Raid Precautions


In 1937 the Government had arranged for Air Raid Patrols in the event of war and a year later as war looked increasingly likely Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain ordered that ARP volunteers should be mobilised. In large towns and cities shelters were provided – Anderson shelters for people’s private gardens, and larger concrete shelters in gardens of tenement, flatted properties and parks.
In country areas like Marnoch there was less danger of mass bombing, but Air Raid Precautions were in operation. We can get a good idea of how things worked from reminiscences by Charlie Anderson, and from various records. Robert Munro has provided valuable information about aircraft recognition training materials for ARP members. The nearest Foggie came to a wartime disaster is described in Night Of The Bomber, while David Hay contributed a strange tale of When The Earth Shook In Aberchirder.