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Twenty five years on from its foundation, the Community Association continues to encourage a community spirit and support community groups. This has led to an excellent working relationship with various services within Aberdeenshire Council, which also gives financial backing to Association projects.
This approach has led to volunteers taking part in Association activities and events which improve the town and its amenities.

Festive Lights

These include:

  • Working with Aberdeenshire Council on a management plan for Cleanhill Wood
  • Planting out and maintaining flower tubs and hanging baskets
  • Buying and erecting festive lights
  • Running a Facebook page to encourage community spirit
  • Managing the community pavilion and its Gym
  • Running the annual gala jointly with local groups.
Community Plan 2015
The Association also now acts, since the demise of the Community Council in 2009, as a link between Aberdeenshire Council and local people.

To assist with this the fifth Community Action Plan was drawn up in 2015 following well attended public consultations.

The top priorities for local people were:

  • renovating run-down and derelict buildings
  • installing traffic calming measures
  • developing a sports/community hall
  • Improving safety in the approaches to the school.


The full plan can be read below.

To keep up to date with the Association’s activities, visit the Facebook feed.

Aberchirder & District Community Association

Aberchirder & District Community Association

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