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Information From Records


On 29 August 1939 the Banffshire Journal report for Marnoch stated that

“busy scenes were witnessed at all the parochial schools on Sunday [27th] when during the afternoon and evening, distribution of respirators took place. Reports show that the public attended in goodly numbers.”

The log books kept by school head teachers give a few glimpses of air raid precautions in action:

In 1940, school opening was delayed from 30 August to 1 October to allow school windows to be fitted with wire netting as protection against glass splinters, and at Culvie School, Room 1 and the cloakroom were selected as refuge rooms in the event of air raids.

Sirens sounded air raid warnings on three occasions in February and once in March 1941, when the Marnoch pupils went into the shelter. Further air raid warnings were recorded in December 1942, March and May 1943.

Gas mask drill was being carried out daily at the Episcopal School in September 1939. Checking and repairing of the masks seems to have been undertaken by PC Stephen once a year until 1943.

The Town Council does not seem to have played much part in air raid precautions, which were organised by central government. The only references in the Council minutes are:

August 1940 – Council to provide each household with one pail of sand for fire fighting in an air raid.

June 1941 – Council agreed to arrange ten parties for fire fighting, consisting of five or six persons, for all districts of the burgh. An inventory of equipment was drawn up and a meeting held with the [air raid] warden.

December 1942 – Burgh workman Mr Michie was instructed to paint white lines on kerbs and “cable poles” to help pedestrians during the blackout.