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Welcome to Foggieloan!

This is how our village is known by residents and many people around the globe, but you will not find it on a modern map, because two centuries ago it was renamed Aberchirder. For the story of how this happened, and much more on the history of the village and surrounding Parish of Marnoch, visit our Virtual Museum.

Foggie Aberchirder Aberdeenshire Scotland

Our website also offers you information on local businesses and services, community groups, events and activities. We hope you will be inspired to visit our historic planned village, located in the attractive Northeast of Scotland countryside.


Aberchirder : A Classic 18th Century Planned Village

The second half of the 18th Century was a time of great change in country life in Scotland, as new ways of farming meant fewer people were needed to work the land. Many landowners in North-East Scotland founded planned villages which they hoped would provide work in textiles and other industries – and, of course, to provide the landowners themselves with an additional source of income from the rents and feu duties.

Aberchirder Foggieloan Aberdeenshire Scotland

Aberchirder is a fine example of such a planned village. It was founded in 1764 by Alexander Gordon, the laird of Auchintoul, and was originally known as Foggieloan, after a nearby fermtoun which is marked, along with Auchintoul House, on the first detailed map of the area, drawn about 1750.

Later projects

The Association has been successful in improving the appearance of the Square, traditionally the focus of village life. In 2006 the Community Council had obtained funding to restore the historic Auchinachie Fountain [ADCA 08,09] and, building on this, the Association received over £83 000 of European and Aberdeenshire Council funding to carry out a transformation in the appearance of the south side of the Square, completed in 2010. It is pleasing to report that a gradual improvement in the condition of surrounding properties has followed.

The Community Council celebrate the restoration of the Auchinachie Fountain in 2007

The Community Council celebrate the restoration of the Auchinachie Fountain in 2007

The Square after its enhancement in 2010

The Square after its enhancement in 2010


The Association today

Twenty years on from its foundation, the Community Association continues to encourage a community spirit which leads to volunteers taking part in projects which improve the town and its amenities. These include

  • Working with Aberdeenshire Council on a management plan for Cleanhill Wood [ADCA 14-18]
  • Planting out and maintaining flower tubs and hanging baskets [ADCA 19,20]
  • Buying and erecting festive lights [ADCA 21]


    Old Manse of Marnoch

  • Running a Facebook page to encourage community spirit
  • Managing the community pavilion and its Gym [ADCA 22]
  • Running the annual gala jointly with St Marnan’s/Sports Club and local groups [ADCA 23,24]

The Association also now acts, since the demise of the Community Council in 2009, as a link between Aberdeenshire Council and local people. To assist with this the fifth Community Action Plan was drawn up in 2015 following public consultations.