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Common Good & other funds

Until its demise in 1975 the Town Council administered a number of charitable funds which made Christmas payments to poor natives of the town. These included the John Anderson Poor Fund (see box on next page) and assets donated by the Ex-Service and Young Men’s Club when it disbanded in 1961.

John Anderson, born locally in 1869, started work on a farm at age 9, but soon found employment in the hotel business, mainly in Edinburgh. Always in touch with his relations in Foggie, he made a significant donation to the building fund for the Memorial Hall, which he opened in 1926. Around this time he moved to Blackpool where he used his savings to buy the Claremont Hotel.  In 1930 he was elected as a councillor and in November 1947, aged 78, was installed as Mayor. Sadly he died just over a month later and was buried in Marnoch Cemetery. His name lived on in the John Anderson Poor Fund set up with a £2000 bequest in his will.